Thursday 5:30pm
Contact: Group Committee Chair, Geoff Payne 02920 756577
Enquiries: Caryl Roach, 02920 754463

Parents & Toddlers – every Thursday 1:30pm – 3:00pm in the hall.
Contact: Parish Office

Christ Church Nursery
Weekdays in Term Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Contact: Anna Brancazio
Telephone – After Hours: 02920 623097
Telephone – During Nursery: 07941 226269

Christ Church Society (Talk & Buffet)
As advertised, on various Wednesdays in the Hall. Open to all, family and friends.
Contact: Howard Kilvington
Telephone: 02920 317301

Church Choir
Thursdays 6:30pm in the Vestry.
Contact: Julie Waller, Organist & Choir Director
Telephone: 02920 615007

ConneXion Groups
Meet monthly at various times and in various houses. Contact the Parish Office for more information.

Wednesdays 6:15pm
Contact: Group Committee Chair, Geoff Payne 02920 756577
Enquiries: Caryl Roach, 02920 754463

FUNKY Church
Meets each Sunday during the service except for Family service.
Contact: Karen Payne
Telephone: 02920 765428

Good Companions
Tuesdays 2:00pm.
Contact: Norma Ash or Peggy Ingamelis
Telephone: 02920 754835 or 02920 755473

J Walkers
11-16 year olds meet as advertised in Credo or the Newsletter.
For more information, please contact the Parish Office.

Ladies Keep Fit
Light exercise. Mondays 7:30pm in the Church Hall.
Contact: Gill Kilvington
Telephone: 02920 317301

Messy Church
Contact: Linda Alexander
Telephone: 02920 759704

Parish Prayer Group
Wednesdays 10:00am – 11:00am
Contact: Bernard Davies or Rev’d Kent Middleton
Telephone – Bernard: 02920 752098

Tuesdays 5:00pm
Contact: Emma Lane
Telephone: 02920 750675

Scouts – 84th Cardiff
Wednesdays 7:30pm
Contact: Group Committee Chair, Geoff Payne
Telephone: 02920 756577
Enquiries: Caryl Roach, 02920 754463

Child Protection Officer
Contact: Colin Francis
Telephone: 02920 751773

Haydn Hopkins: 02920 621280
Colin Francis: 02920 751773

Credo Magazine Editor
John Griffiths: 02920 754370