Our current hall is in need of refurbishment and so we have decided to build a completely new hall in the same place, to replace it. It has taken us some time to come to a real realisation about our needs as we plan our new hall. Having seen the large numbers of people using the hall, we realise that we definitely need something bigger and also some meeting rooms.

We have just appointed a new Architect who is going to lead us through the process of design and planning applications and we are looking forward to its early completion, probably around mid 2017. The project will not pay for itself, and we are therefore looking to fund raise from any sources that we can think of. We are planning selling some land which will contribute a large sum towards the build but we will still need more money to complete the project.

If anyone reading this has a particular expertise in funding large projects we would love to hear from you.

We believe that this whole project will further the mission of our church and enable us to function more fully as a church family. Please pray for us as we all make this step of faith. And… watch this space!
– Linda Alexander, Chair, New Hall Committee