Schools: Christ Church enjoys a close relationship with a number of primary and secondary schools. The clergy regularly take assemblies at Ton yr Ywen primary school, and are part of the pastoral provision at St Teilo’s secondary school. We also have close links with our neighbouring secondary school, Cardiff High School. The clergy speak at the Christian Union at the school and attend school theatre productions and carol services there, and we have, as a church, organised various events with the school (for example a recent jazz & cake event).

Local matters: Our church has been used for official community meetings to save the local library and its foyer is used as a polling booth at political elections.

Concerts: Christ Church is used for a variety of concerts throughout the year, including, in recent years, a choir from Russia, a number of Welsh Male Voice Choirs, a theatre production, and a large community Christmas concert.

Church Hall: The Church Hall is regularly used by a variety of users – keep fit, children’s parties, line dancing, charity meetings, and so on.

Uniformed groups: The brownies and rainbows meet in our church hall, and they, alongside beavers and cubs, attend certain church services during the year. The groups also visit the church for interactive talks, so the members can get their “faith badges”!