Christ Church’s ConneXion Groups meet during the week across North Cardiff in homes, pubs and cafes. They are a great way to foster friendships, make new connections, live life together and change the world. Whether you are new to the church or have been coming for some time, whether you come every week or only infrequently, whether you are young or older, then ConneXion Groups are for you! “ConneXion Connected” evenings take place every few months and bring all the groups together to discuss and socialise.  If you are interested in joining a ConneXion group, then please contact the parish office, who will give you further details of this exciting venture!

Why join a ConneXion Group?

1. The Friendship Factor:
You will meet people that become lifelong friends. The groups provide an opportunity for you to get to know a more manageable number of people than you might meet at a Sunday service. You will find out that you are not alone in your struggles and it gives you have support and encouragement… and an opportunity to support and encourage.

2. The Challenge Factor:
In our ConneXion Groups, we discuss, we debate, and we are challenged by those who love us to move on towards God’s love.

3. The Health Factor:
Being involved in relationships that are based on Christ and praying for each other, improves our health in every way – Spirit, Soul, and Body. We are a community together as a ConneXion Group, and research shows that being in such a community as a church improves health and even increases your lifespan!

4. The Outreach Factor:
ConneXion Groups help new church members settle and help in discipleship for regular attendees. On top of this, service is such an important part of our Christian experience, and so ConneXion groups help us to love, and reach out to, the world around us.